Intuitive solutions to encourage audience engagement and deliver measurable event value.

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Real-time Audience Engagement


Survey & React Immediately

With Engage, you can survey your audience in real-time. You can collect responses before, during or after your event and display live data on screens or online.


Poll Anytime, Anywhere

Web-based apps are a dime a dozen, but Engage is iOS and Android native, meaning it works wherever you are – even in events with low connectivity providing you the ability to engage like never before.


Town Hall Conversations

Engage makes it easy for your audience to drive the conversation and to create lasting connections through contact swaps and social media integration.


Event Management Simplified


CRM Integration

EventMethod Drive simplifies marketing and registration. We’ve integrated with Salesforce to make it as easy as possible to reach your audience.


Reward & Motivate

Drive’s cloud-based interface simplifies gamification. You can create incentives, sponsor materials and more and update your audience in real time.


Drive Traffic

With social media integration and targeted real-time announcements, you can make sure your audience is where you want them, when you want them there.


Robust Influence Tracking


View Audience Sentiment

Gain insights in real-time. With Validate you can survey your attendees and gather valuable data live. You can display the data on screens or online, and build robust reports to review later.


Capture Audience Behavior

Validate your audience throughout the event lifecycle. Our analytics help you track audience response throughout marketing, registration, attendance and event participation.


Shrink Lead-to-Close Time

Validate makes it easy to identify your top influencers and leads. You and your sponsors can see and identify each audience member’s interests, and see who to target first.




Through gamification and surveys, EventMethod drove the conversation and enabled a new level of audience engagement for Dell World.


Huffington Post

EventMethod drove real-time surveys for The Huffington Post as part of their debate coverage during the 2012 elections.


Social Good Summit

Through real-time surveys Social Good Summit was able engage virtual and onsite attendees.


Conference Center

The top-rated AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center chose EventMethod as its exclusive event technology solution.

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